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Winter 2018 Information 

Winter 2018 Terms & Conditions

The aim of this professionally managed competition is to provide players, officials and referees with an opportunity to participate in an enjoyable, low cost, team based sport at a local suburban venue. The following is a brief overview of the competition conditions. To view the complete competition regulations, click on the tab at the top of the page.


Winter 2018

Early bird discount (first 20 teams to nominate and pay. Expires 27/4/2018, no other discounts can apply) 

**Please note any venues at the rate $799 - no further discounts apply


Early full payment discount (paid prior to round 1). Nominate the team by the 4/5/2018 and pay in full prior to round 1 and receive $50 off team fees.  This CAN be combined with either the Renomination discount or the Multi Team Discount but NOT both

**Please note any venues at the rate $799 - no further discounts apply


Team nomination discount. Nominate your team by the 3/5/2018 and receive $25 off team fees.

**Please note any venues at the rate $799 - no further discounts apply


Multiple team discount (2 or more teams, same team name and captain)

**Please note any venues at the rate $799 - no further discounts apply

 $20 per team

All discounts are null and void after Round 4







1. Administration

1.1 Rules

Games will be played, administered and governed by Touch Football – Laws of the Game. Team managers, players, spectators, referees and officials need to read and be familiar with these laws.

1.2 Information Services

Fixtures, scores, ladders and all important information is regularly updated on the City Touch website.

1.3 Refunds and Credits

If a team withdraws prior to the commencement of a competition, a full refund will be made. If a team withdraws after the commencement of a competition but before round 4 is played, it will be entitled to a refund less the deposit.

Withdrawals after round 4 up to and including round 8 in a competition may attract a credit at the discretion of the competition manager. This credit can be deducted from the next season's fees only. No refunds are available after round 4.

Withdrawals after round 8 will not be entitled to any refund.

1.4 Referees

It is recommended that each team has a qualified referee. City Touch, through QSM referees, hosts monthly Rookie Referee courses. Email to find out about our next course.

1.5 Wet weather

Wet weather information is made available on the City Touch website/Facebook

1.6 Special Requests

We do accept special requests in the office for teams, you cannot nominate for a certain time slot. The only requests you can have are; Men’s/Women's and Mixed not to clash, early games only, no early games, late games only, no late games. Special requests must be submitted via e-mail to only once your special request has been confirmed by the office via e-mail has your request been entered. Please note that according to the competition regulations requests only need to be met for 70% of the season and that requests are a privilege not a right.

2. General Season Dates

2.1 Nominations

The competition manager will consider a nomination from clubs, teams, groups, individuals, referees and officials. 

2.2 Season Structure

The structure for the season is 14 weeks including 4 rounds of grading, plus 3 weeks of finals and one week allowance for wet weather/catch up games.



2.3 Season Venues and Fees


The following is the list of venues and the associated fees:

Monday Nights

  • Chelmer - $1039
  • Mt Gravatt - $799
  • Newmarket Multi - $1045

Tuesday Nights

  • Ashgrove - $959
  • Colmslie - $850
  • Mt Gravatt - $799

Wednesday Nights

  • Newmarket Multi Venue - $1045
  • Stafford - $969
  • Mt Gravatt - $799


2.4 Discounts

All discounts are waivered on fees unpaid after round 4. A late fee of $70 will apply after round 4.

2.5 Insurance

Each team is to register all details of all its players and provide a signature on the team Insurance Sheet and Sign On Card before playing in the competition. The Sports Cover will cover 80% of non-Medicare claimable items to the maximum of $3000 incurred within twelve months of injury, less a $200 excess and must not be subject to any Medicare rebate.

For further information on insurance please call, 1300 134 956.

In the event of injury, players must obtain an incident report from the venue organiser on the evening that the injury occurred and notify the referee or venue organiser that you want to record your injury.

Team Managers, players, referees and officials should read the Sports Cover and insurance policy explanation on the website.

2.6 Team contacts’ responsibilities

Team manager is responsible for: checking and receiving notices, checking wet weather notices an hour before the game, ensuring fees are paid by the due date, entering required details and ensuring your team has signed signing the team Insurance Sheet and Sign On Card.

2.7 Eligibility

Teams and individuals will not be eligible to compete unless their nominations have been approved by the competition manager, Team Insurance Card is completed and deposits, fees have been paid by due dates. For full eligibility requirements click the Competition Regulations tab.

2.8 Team member registration and game registration card

Each player is required to register for each game in which that player wishes to participate by signing the Team Sign On Card next to their own name prior to the commencement of the second half of the game.

3. Clothing & Equipment
3.1 Footwear

Shoes with screw-in studs or cleats are not permitted. Light leather or synthetic shoes with soft-moulded soles are permitted, provided individual studs are no longer than 13mm in length; the measurement being taken from the sole of the boot. Hard-moulded football/rugby boots are not permitted due to their potential to cause serious injury and the field damage they produce.

3.2 Jewellery & Fingernails

All players must remove all jewellery including elastic wrist bands prior to the game. Jewellery that cannot be removed must be taped. Fingernails must be kept short or must be taped.  Our referees have the right to refuse a player to play if they are wearing jewellery.

3.3 Balls

Each team must be able to supply a Touch ball for each game. Touch balls may be purchased from the administration office, Woolloongabba. We need to order these into the office so please let us know if you want to order a Touch Ball.

























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