City Touch are excited to announce the return of the 13-week competition to their Ashgrove and Colmslie venues. The 13-week format highlights the social aspects of City Touch, meaning less time commitments and more flexibility around your daily activities.

A shortened season also makes for a more exciting competition, keeping opposition fresh, and reducing financial costs at the same time.

With the competition scheduled to kick off on Tuesday June 14th, City Touch are expecting many local teams to join in on the fun and stay active through those cold Winter months.

The Competition will include 11 regular rounds and 2 rounds of finals which will help allow the venues to realign with the current City Touch competitions.

This is an exciting opportunity for new players and teams to join and give touch a try before signing up for a full-length season.

Cost: $1020 per team

Individuals are also encouraged to email the office with their interest so we can assist at finding them a team for the season.


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